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GCS ACT Test Scores Rate Above State and National Average!

Greenwood Christian School’s ACT College Readiness test scores were recently announced and the news is very good for GCS students. Test results show above average over state and national averages.

“You can see from the results that we are 3 to 7 points higher throughout the subject tests. This difference demonstrates that GCS scored 17-36% higher compared to the state scores and up to 30% higher compared to the national average,” said Dr. Chris Johns, GCS Head of School. “In summary, this data represents significantly higher test scores by our students with a significantly higher percentage of students taking the exam. Unlike the Stanford or Terra Nova testing, this data not only gives a comparison to the national percentiles, but the SC overall population as well. Call it a direct, apples to apples. It is good to compare to our peers and we are obviously thrilled at our success and proud of the students, faculty and parents that push for academic excellence!”


English Mathematics Reading Science Composite
GCS 26.7 23.5 25.4 23.7 24.9
SC (State) 19.7 20.3 20.8 20.3 20.4
US (Nat’l) 20.2 20.9 21.1 20.7 20.9