Greenwood Christian School

At a glance

HISTORY: The school was established in 1992 with a vision shared by Christians in the surrounding areas who recognized the need for an independent non-denominational Christian school. The doors opened in the fall of 1992 with an enrollment of approximately 70 students.

ACCREDITATION: GCS is an accredited member of the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools (ACTS) and the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA). GCS is also SACS accredited by AdvancED Accreditation Commission. GCS earned an accreditation certificate granted by the National Council for Private School Accreditation. The school serves families from Anderson, Abbeville, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick and Saluda counties with an August 2017 enrollment of 450 students in K3 to 12th grade.

ADMINISTRATION: The Head of School is Chris Johns, PhD. He is supported by 60 administrative staff and college educated faculty. GCS is governed by a Board of Directors (9 members) which consists of parents, community leaders and Calvary Chapel Church representatives.

FACULTY: All teachers hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. In addition, all faculty members are required to fulfill the teacher certification requirements set forth by ACTS with continuing education classes.

STUDENTS: Admission is based on testing, family interviews, references and student interviews. While GCS does not issue a school uniform, the students adhere to a modest dress code.

FAITH: GCS serves families from six counties who represent about 75 different churches. Being non-denominational, the Bible curriculum is focused on scriptural truths and not specific denominational doctrines. All students attend weekly Chapel at GCS, which include worship teams composed of middle and high school students who express interest and talent in music.

ACADEMICS: GCS teaches a six subject core curriculum to all enrolled students with a strong emphasis on the traditional values: Math, Science, History, Bible, Grammar and Handwriting/Literature. The adopted curricula are ABEKA or Bob Jones University based. Graduation requirements are supervised by a high school guidance counselor. Foreign language, honors classes and dual enrollment are introduced at a high school level. National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society inducts students from grades 7-11 who meet the criteria. SAT and ACT scores of GCS students are above the state and national average.

TESTING: Students in K5-8 take a Terra Nova test annually. Grades 9-11 are given the PSAT each fall. Grade 10 students also take the ACT ASPIRE test. Since 1992, GCS has graduated 517 students, with about 97 percent continuing with higher education. GCS Graduates are extremely competitive for scholarships to the college of their choice.

ENRICHMENT: Students do not thrive on academics alone. GCS offers various enrichment and electives to balance the rigors of academia. Related art classes for elementary students include: PE, Media Center, Music and Art (computer applies to some grades). Middle school students take eight classes: six core curriculum classes plus electives: Band, PE, Drama, Chorus, Art or Computer Lab and a study hall. High school students choose from the following electives: Band, Basic Art, Drama, Chorus, Worship Arts, PE, Communication/Speech and Media Arts. Dual Enrollment courses include but not limited to: Physics, Intro to Computers, English 101 & 102.

SERVICE: Middle and high school students have leadership opportunities by serving on student councils, or as NHS and NJHS officers. Seniors are required to complete 120 hours of pre-approved volunteer service to graduate. High School students also organize a Mission Day to provide community service outside of the GCS campus.

ATHLETICS: GCS offers seasonal sports teams for male and female students in Grades 6-12. They include: Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Golf, Soccer, Track/Field and Cheerleading. School colors are Navy, Sliver and White; athletic mascot is the Hawk.

CONNECT: GCS is located at 2026 Woodlawn Rd. in Greenwood, SC, 29649. Office phone: 864-229-2427; visit the website at or like us on Facebook at Greenwood Christian School – Official. Follow gcs_now on Instagram.



  • SAT: 1552 (2016) 1601 (2015); 1590 (2014); 1535 (2013) – national average 1471; state average is 1429.
  • ACT: 23.3 (2016) 23.4 (2015); 24.4 (2014); 24.9 (2013) – national average is 20.8; state average is 20.8.

Terra Nova – Based on National Percentile

GCS sets a 65 Percentile for our measurement benchmark for achievement.
ES (K5-5th grade):
Reading-75.9; Language-71.5; Math-72.3 (2016)
Reading-83.7; Language-78.8; Math-78.7 (2015)
Reading-72.7; Language-72.3; Math-68.3 (2014)
Reading-71.6; Language-68.1; Math-61.5 (2013)

MS (6th-8th grade) average of Science, Math, History and English
76.9 (2016)
73.9 (2015)
71.7 (2014)
67.5 (2013)

Where recent graduates are attending:

  • Anderson University
  • Auburn University
  • Charleston Southern University
  • Clemson University
  • College of Charleston
  • Erskine College
  • Furman University
  • Gardner Webb University
  • Greenville Technical College
  • Harding University
  • Lander University
  • Liberty University
  • North Greenville University
  • Ohio State University
  • Piedmont Technical College
  • Salem College
  • University of South Carolina
  • The Citadel
  • Wofford College

The GCS Class of 2016 was awarded a combined total of almost $490,000 in scholarships. To date that is the highest amount earned per capita at GCS – the class graduated 24 students.


Revised 7-20-2017